Safety coordinators

Do you have construction work planned? You must keep in mind that the government imposes many rules concerning safety. This is irrespective of the nature, scope, size, risk or cost of the work. This means it is a legal requirement to appoint a safety coordinator for all buildings in which at least two contractors will be working at the same time or one after the other. This applies during both the design phase and while the work itself is being carried out. Furthermore, this rule applies to individuals and companies.

What can you expect from an SMC safety coordinator?

  • He supports modern and structured implementation of the legislation concerning safety co-ordination, even on the largest worksites
  • He possesses the necessary qualifications, has years of experience, and boasts thorough knowledge of the law (for example, temporary and Mobile Construction Sites) in order to achieve the best results
  • He works very closely with the client, contractor, architect and builder providing consultation and maximum awareness on site
  • He prepares al the legally-required documents and makes the data available digitally to the relevant parties as soon as the works begin. This means all your administrative worries will be minimised
  • He prepares the legally required health and safety plans and is responsible for the preparation and coordination of complementary handbooks and post-intervention files
  • He reports any violations and comments to the builder, maintains an oversight over the responsible persons, and provides advice in support of the resolution of problems
  • He provides expert assistance to any internal environmental coordinator and provides advice about the storage of hazardous goods and the construction of petrol stations (new, modification or adjustment)
  • At the end of the works, he completes all the files and hands them over to the builder/client

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