Foot protection

Our feet are literally and figuratively the basis of our body and therefore particularly vulnerable. By wearing the correct safety shoes, you can avoid many dangerous situations with little effort. It is therefore not surprising that in recent years, more and more demands are made on foot protection at work.

However, the correct choice of safety shoe is not always obvious. The specific working conditions form the basis for the choice: do your employees come into contact with, for example, falling objects, chemicals, heat, cold, nutrition or sharp objects? In addition, the individual needs of the user are also important.

To make the choice somewhat easier, we work with many well-known brands that have already established their place in the industry. These products offer a perfect balance between price & quality.

EN-ISO 20345 Safety shoes, code S(afety)
EN-ISO 20346 Safety shoes, code P(rotective)
EN-ISO 20347 Work shoes, code O(ccupational)
Contamination (hygiene through use of plastics in foodstuff)
Chemical splashes
Contact with heat
High pressure
Laser splattering
Magnetism (use of 100% anti-magnetic shoes)
Risk of cutting
Slipping and sliding
Falling and protruding objects (crushing or cutting open of the foot)
Sparks (anti-static)
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