Head protection

Wearing correct head protection while working is of paramount importance. Falling objects, risks of bumping your head while working in confined spaces, or exposure to cold, heat, molten metal and electricity, etc. Exposure to any of these hazards can result in significant head injuries.

This means all head protection must be very comfortable to wear. This is because you want your employees to wear them all day, every day! When choosing the right head protection, make sure you equip them with the right accessories

SMC offers a wide range of helmets and bump caps that are comfortable to wear and provide protection in any situation. The helmets are available in various colours, with or without a high-visibility factor or ventilation.

EN 397 Safety helmets
EN 443 Fire helmets
EN 812 Bump caps
EN 12492 Mountain climber helmets
EN 14052 Safety helmets with high protection level
EN 50365 Safety helmets for use in low-voltage installations (1000 VAC of 1500 VDC)
Confined spaces
Chemical and liquid metal splashes
Electrical risks
Hygiene (contamination of foodstuffs)
Falling objects
Objects at height (danger of bumping)
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