Expertise tailored to your needs

SMC has years of experience in the (petro)chemical, steel, pharmaceuticals industries, etc. Over the years, we have gradually developed a huge amount of safety expertise. We can identify the needs and requirements of our customers perfectly. Working with you, we can determine exactly what it is you need. This is how we guarantee high-quality customised services every time.

Would you like to know more about our professionals? Always up to date.

You can always be assured: the innovative solutions we provide are always adapted to fully meet the latest legislation and the most efficient technologies. Furthermore, you can be confident that you will only come into contact with competent and well-trained specialists. As experts at the top of their game, they possess the necessary approvals and licenses required by industry. If you require, you can also request to see their certificates. Before they arrive "on site", SMC ensures the experts have been given a thorough briefing. This means they fully understand your operational and safety-related agreements and/or instructions and can get started immediately.

We do not consider you to be a customer; to us, you are a partner

When carrying out our activities, we are always focused on quality-conscious customers. We hope to establish a long-term partnership. A partnership that is based on mutual trust and the delivery of quality service. As an organisation, we are fully equipped to deal with all questions our customers may have.

Flexibility above all

SMC is aware that it is not always possible for a schedule to be followed precisely. After all, work is often planned and/or implemented using "just in time" methodology. Flexibility is therefore of great importance. You can count on SMC being ready to work with you at short notice. If necessary, even within a few hours. We make our extensive pool of experienced staff available 24/7 in order to meet your needs and provide unique solutions. This means they can quickly proceed in a professional manner.

100% transparent, from quote to invoice

SMC can always provide a quotation according to your needs and requirements. This will ensure you can determine your budget in advance, meaning you will have everything under control. Our invoices are completely transparent and contain no hidden costs.