Periodic maintenance

Would you like a guarantee of the proper functioning of equipment and materials and a subsequent an extension of the lifespan? Then permanent, continuous maintenance is a must. This means: after-use checks, periodic maintenance, repairs and/or replacement of parts.

The more complex the equipment is and the more thorough the maintenance that is required, the more specialised knowledge you require. You can easily ask SMC to take care of this for you! We are happy to carry out simple, but no less essential, maintenance and repairs for you.

Respiratory protection equipment

In normal circumstances, the inspection and maintenance of breathing apparatus by trained service personnel is required on an annual basis. But the mandatory inspection interval may be shorter, everything depends on the safety considerations, industrial working conditions and technical requirements of the device.

The "standard" maintenance of breathing apparatus includes:

  • Checking the general state of the breathing air equipment and the bottle
  • Preventive replacement of the components as described by the manufacturer
  • Functional check on a test bench, with a print-out of the protocol
  • Density control of the mask and the regulator
  • Checking the bottle filling pressure
  • Attachment of an inspection sticker

Gas detection

It goes without saying that you must be able to rely on gas detection equipment that works perfectly. The correct measurement of the quality of the ambient air can be of vital importance. Carrying out regular maintenance on your instruments will ensure optimal operation. If desired, SMC can take care of all the required ongoing maintenance. This means you can concentrate on other issues.

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