Delivering training courses

Often, safety only becomes a hot item in an organisation when something goes wrong. It is therefore not surprising that employees often perceive safety guidelines as patronising and negative. Therefore, it is crucial to be smarter when investing in a positive long-term safety climate. Help your staff become more enthusiastic. Create a professional safety awareness that forms a part of your general policy. The result? It becomes automatic, your policy pays off, and fewer accidents occur.

With training courses and programmes for your staff, you are already taking a step in the right direction. You not only reduce the barriers, you also make accidents and risks less of a taboo subject. This means you can make safety something that is readily discussed in a practical and interactive way that really works. Are you struggling to work out where to start? You can rely on SMC!

Our experienced instructors (SMC specialists, as well as external partners) offer numerous training courses and programmes for all target groups within your organisation. They take care of all the training material to the last detail and can use their many years of practical experience during the presentations. Of course, you can set the highest expectations of quality and added value. SMC specialises in providing training about safety, risky activities and VCA. Depending on your specific needs, you can take advantage of our offer of specific types of training courses:

  • Open training programmes
    These sessions are collectively organised for participants from numerous organisations. They are held in various locations throughout Belgium and the Netherlands. The exact location depends on the specific training course or programme that has been chosen.
  • In-company training course
    The SMC instructor comes to your location to provide training or courses that are tailored to your organisation. Of course, the courses are specifically tailored to the operational requirements of your work place.
  • Workshops & Seminars
    Practical information sessions that deal with specific topics that are currently important.