Hand protection

The optimum protection of hands, wrists and arms is essential in the workplace. If it were to ever go wrong, it is often these body parts that get hurt. The wearing of the right size is important because gloves are available in many sizes. A good fit increases comfort, flexibility, dexterity, and therefore safety and efficiency.

SMC offers an extraordinarily wide range of safety gloves from many well-known brands that have already established their place in the industry. By paying close attention to recent developments in raw materials, we can offer the best balance between comfort and protection. Furthermore, we take the environment into account by removing as many harmful substances from leather and coatings as possible.

EN 374 Waterproof glove
EN 381 Protection against chain saws
EN 388 Protection against mechanical dangers
EN 407 Protection against thermal hazards (heat and fire)
EN 420 Protective gloves - general requirements
EN 421 Protection against ionising radiation, including contamination and radiation
EN 455 Single-use gloves (disposable gloves))
EN 511 Protection against cold
EN 659 Fire-fighting gloves
EN 1082 Protection against stabbing and cutting injuries
EN-ISO 10819 Protection against vibration (shock absorption))
EN 12477 Welding gloves
EN 60903 Protection for working with electrical voltage
Chemical burns
Thermal fire burns
Vibration and shocks
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