Why SMC?

We share the same ambition as you !

Choosing an employer is a life-defining decision - so why would you opt for SMC? We build and cherish long-term relationships - both with our employees and our clients - and our mission is to ensure the wellbeing of all active parties. as a part of SMC (www.smc-eu.com). Commitment and trust are the key pillars in our joint, transparent effort to build a better future. The success of our business partners allows us to achieve that goal. We aim at being your business partner both in your professional and your personal development by offering you every opportunity to develop a challenging and satisfying career, one that allows you to get the most from your existing strengths and helps you detect new ones at the same time. Our desire is to help you make your dreams come true.

The Best Minds in Safety Business!

At SMC we have assembled the best minds in the business who all work towards one single mission: Our Zero Goal is to ensure the wellbeing of all active parties. Our focus provides every day an infrastructure of people, processes and solutions that helps us achieve our goal in industrial safety performance every day.

Innovation and SMC culture

With its state-of-the-art safety technology, SMC is passionate in its pursuit of finding the right balance between the best people and proven best safety solutions to guarantee and enhance safety. With employees who geographical spread across the country, we aim for a mix of cultures and backgrounds throughout our company. Our educational and development programmes, which rank among the best in our branche, provide continuous investment in our people in the scope of our daily global targets.

Job openings

In view of our growth SMC is always looking for new, dynamic employees with a passion for safety and innovative ideas. To play continuously on the needs and demands of our customers and to comply 100% with their expectations, we are expanding our team of professional staff orders.

Looking to ensure your career? Then take a look at our job openings.

Want to make an open application and take your chances at SMC? Convince us of your talents and who knows, perhaps we will be seeing you soon.