Hearing protection

Are your employees exposed to excessive noise levels? This can have serious consequences such as irreversible hearing damage. Prevention is therefore better than cure. As far as is possible, remove the largest noise generators away from the work environment. Additionally, provide custom hearing protection that is suitable for the working conditions and provides sufficient comfort. Appropriate protective equipment to reduce high noise levels to safer levels.

You can find a number of products that meet the legal standards in our range. Furthermore, we take such criteria as comfort, convenience and safety into account in our selection. The result? A balanced portfolio of both customised hearing protection such as ear buds, ear plugs and advanced communication ear defenders.

How do I choose the right hearing protection?

Determine the exact noise values in terms of sound, exposure duration and frequency. You can use this information to select the most appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Together with our specialist partners, we offer you a professional service. In complex working environments, we will come to review and assess the situation on the ground. This will ensure you always make the right choice!

EN 352 - 1 Ear defenders
EN 352 - 2 Ear plugs
EN 352 - 3 Ear defenders on combi helmets
EN 352 - 4 Noise-level dependant ear defenders
EN 352 - 5 Active ear defenders
EN 352 - 6 Ear defenders with audio communication
Hearing damage from excessive noise (industry, crowds, clubs, iPods, concerts, traffic)
The inability to react safely to areas with alarms
Isolation & inability to work due to malfunction
Psychological trauma associated with tinnitus
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