IS-082 Working with self-contained, non-autonomous respiratory protection equipment

Target group

Target group: employees who must carry out work while wearing self-contained respiratory protection equipment on company premises, installations, workshops, difficult-to-access places, confined spaces, etc. where the oxygen concentration in the ambient air may be too low, and/or when high concentrations of substances that are hazardous to the health are present.
For employees who work in the (petro-)chemical industry, this exam must be passed at an approved centre. Employees who can work with self-contained respiratory protection equipment, are supposed to be able to work with non self-contained respiratory protection equipment

Admission requirements

Students must be

  • At least 18 years of age;
  • Possess a certificate of medical fitness;


Learning to effectively and safely work with autonomous and non-autonomous self-contained respiratory protection equipment (both breathing apparatus and equipment with a hose connection), this includes such subjects as:

  • Controlling the respiratory protection equipment;
  • Correctly switching the equipment on and off using the necessary controls;
  • Moving through inaccessible locations with self-contained respiratory protection equipment;
  • Carrying out work with self-contained respiratory protection equipment;
  • Correctly responding to emergency situations.


Training takes 1 day to complete.
The theoretical exam lasts 20 minutes and the practical exam at least 20 minutes.

Validity period of diploma

The diploma is valid for 10 years. Note. Every 5 years, the company is responsible for the evaluation of the employees (by an internal or external body) in order to determine whether they still meet the requirements. The company is responsible for this. The VCA/SCC auditors will definitely screen this during an audit.

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