Eye and face protection

The eyes are a very vulnerable part of the body. If they become damaged, this can often be irreversible. The whole face can be exposed to hazards during work. Therefore, good protection is essential, and certainly not a luxury. For the safety of the employee, it is crucial to choose the right protection equipment. Do your employees come into contact with flying particles, chemical splashes, harmful UV-radiation, heat or electrical sparks? Then simply wearing goggles is far from enough.

We ensure wearing comfort, optimum visibility, maximum protection and sophisticated design go hand in hand. If the wearer is 100% reassured about his safety, you can guarantee success. View our wide range of products and ensure you have the correct PPE in the right place.

EN 166: 2001 Basic requirements for all types of eye and face protection with the exception of laser, nuclear, X-ray, and low-temperature IR-radiation
EN 169: 2002 Filters for welders and other related techniques
EN 170: 2002 Ultraviolet filters (UV-filters)
EN 171: 2002 Infra-red filters (IR-filters)
EN 172: 1995 Sunlight filters for industrial use
EN 175: 1997 Equipment for eye and face protection during welding and other related processes
EN 207: 1998 Filters and eye protection against laser radiation
EN 208: 1998 Eye protection for work activities associated with the installation of lasers en laser systems
EN 379: 2003 Automatic laser filters
EN 1731: 1997 Eye and face protection against woven metal fibres for protection against mechanical hazards and/or heat.
Molten metal
Infra-red radiation, laser radiation
Short circuits and arcing
Mechanical risks due to flying projectiles
Thermal risk (high temperature)
Liquid splashes
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