AV-011 Fire guard

Target group

The course is designed for all employees who are professionally engaged in fire-fighting, or those who work as a safety supervisor for activities with an increased risk of fire/explosion.

Admission requirements

The student must be at least 18 years of age.


The objective of the training is to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to carry out the role of fire watchman when there is an increased risk of fire or explosion. This includes such subjects as:


  • knowledge of the content of the safety function
  • knowledge of work permits, and being able to interpret and comply with them
  • the objective and use of the fire permit and knowledge of the basic relevant environmental and safety guidelines
  • acquiring basic knowledge of the necessary ingredients for most fires (fire triangle), the initiation, development and spread of a fire
  • knowledge of the different types of fires, their causes, and the appropriate extinguishing agents
  • the ability to recognise work situations with a high risk of fire, and the
  • prevention measures to be taken before, during and after the works
  • familiarity with the operation and applicability of different types of fire extinguishing agents and equipment
  • knowledge of the appropriate personal protective equipment and their scope of use
  • knowledge of how to deal with a fire, a fire alarm, or an evacuation alarm
  • knowledge of basic first aid for burns


  • extinguishing solid, liquid, and gaseous fires using powder fire extinguishers,
  • Use of hand-held CO2 fire extinguishers and water fire extinguishers
  • use of a fire blanket
  • use of a wall-mounted hose reel
  • connecting and using fire hoses
  • checking the terms and conditions of a fire permit
  • effectively sounding the alarm in the event of a fire


Training takes 1 day to complete. The theoretical exam lasts 15 minutes and the practical exam lasts 30 minutes.

Validity period of diploma

The diploma is valid for 3 years.

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