Gas analysts

Do you need a gas analyst to be present while you are carrying out your work? It can be extremely important for everyone's safety! In this case, only the best is good enough. You can count on the expertise and huge amount of experience of our certified experts. Our employees are fully equipped with all the necessary gas detection equipment and technical equipment. This means they can detect leaks in a timely manner and quickly release confined spaces for work after the measurements have been carried out.

What can you expect from an SMC gas analyst?

  • He evaluates and analyses the working environment (content, facilities and locations) thoroughly before the start of works
  • He determines the right measurement strategy and chooses a measurement protocol that will ensure the works can be carried out professionally
  • He carries out specialised technical Ex-Ox-Tox measurements
  • He expresses his opinion on safety guidelines and ensures compliance thereof
  • He provides advice about safety awareness and performs corrective actions in the event of infringements
  • He reports the measurements that have been carried out to the responsible person and maintains a personal log book


  • Minimum VCA-VOL
  • Fire guard training AV 011
  • Safety guard in confined spaces training in accordance with IS-007
  • Working with self-contained respiratory protection equipment training and IS-081
  • 3 years relevant work experience
  • Gas analyst training (EX-OX-TOX) IS 013
  • Client-specific gas measurements


  • A2 thinking level
  • Technical background/affinity
  • Good communication skills
  • Dutch language

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