Rescue Team

What happens if, despite all your preventive measures and safety guidelines, you have to deal with an emergency situation? Avoiding panic and knowing how to act is the most important message, now more than ever. But sometimes it is not an easy task to rescue potential victims in dangerous places - those who are working at height or in very deep places for example.

The SMC Rescue Team, which is always on standby, is ready to act in such a case. It is especially suitable in places where the normal company emergency services cannot or are insufficiently prepared to save lives. The team members are committed to evacuate any victims as soon as possible, and will use all their knowledge and experience to do so. They will do this in the most diverse conditions: in the offshore, (petrochemical) industry, construction, confined spaces, as well as in and on water. All members of the rescue team have extensive medical knowledge and can provide immediate professional first aid.

What can you expect from the SMC rescue team?

  • They evaluate the operating environment before for the start of work
  • Using that as a basis, they set up evacuation plans or amend existing plans
  • They study complex evacuations from confined spaces
  • They monitor designated areas continuously
  • They check the safety guidelines, the compliance thereof, and enforce corrective actions
  • They take responsibility for the organisation and implementation of effective rescue operations
  • They report to the responsible persons
  • They can be used to support and complement your existing team, whereby they perform specific activities that your own people are unfamiliar with

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