Scaffolding inspectors

For many work activities, the law states that you must use scaffolding. In order to release them for use, an inspection by an expert is required. Again, you can count on SMC for this. Our certified scaffolding inspectors are experienced, strictly trained and practically minded. They subject the scaffolding constructions ("scaffold tags") to a thorough inspection beforehand. They keep a close eye on the scaffolding while the work activities are being carried out. This means your employees can continue to work safely.

What can you expect from an SMC scaffolding inspector?

  • He checks the scaffolding for various safety aspects based on drawings and photographs and in accordance with applicable standards and criteria
  • He inspects and checks the existing scaffolding in accordance with the legal and internal regulations
  • He assesses the safety of the scaffolding during the various phases of the work and indicates whether corrective measures are required
  • He draws up sketches with a view to remedial or replacement measures
  • He speaks to employees in case of infringement of the prescribed measures
  • He constantly takes a proactive stance in terms of safety
  • He carries out the appropriate measures in the event of emergencies


  • Minimum VCA-VOL
  • 3 years relevant work experience
  • Fire guard AV-011
  • Safety guard in confined spaces training in accordance with IS-007
  • Working with self-contained respiratory protection equipment training and IS-081
  • Scaffolding inspector training AV 022


  • A2 working and thinking level
  • Technical background/affinity
  • Good communication skills
  • Dutch language

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