Environmental coordinators

A green, healthy and assured future for all generations to come. This is the major challenge facing the entire community today from intense involvement. Even in the business world, the preservation, protection and improvement of the environment is high on the agenda. Therefore, the Flemish government has established numerous guidelines and ratings that companies must meet. Do you find it difficult to cut through the tangle of procedures and application forms? The experienced environmental coordinators from SMC are happy to help you move forward with this crucial process.

Does your company have a damaging effect on humans and the environment?

Then you are required by law to appoint an environmental coordinator. But even if you are not, as a good citizen you are recommended to appoint an environmental manager in your company. Do you lack the proper expertise in your company? No problem, you can count on the long-standing reputation and expertise of SMC. Our environmental coordinators and experts will work with you to achieve the best possible result. And this can be in support of all levels of the organisation, from the shop floor to management. To confidently look at the future together.

What can you expect from an SMC environmental coordinator?

  • He is committed to the implementation of environmentally-friendly production methods and products in your organisation
  • He watches over the strict observance of environmental legislation
  • He is responsible for internal and external communication concerning environmental issues
  • He carries out prescribed emission measurements and is responsible for their registration
  • He provides advice about environmental investments
  • He draws up the environmental report
  • He requests environmental class 1 & 2
  • He is responsible for the preparation of class 3 reports
  • He carries out environmental audits
  • He draws up a report containing details of all his activities and the advice he has provided over the previous year

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