IS-013 The Measurement and detection of hazardous substances: EX-OX-TOX

Target group

The course is intended for employees who must carry out, interpret and report on Ex-Ox-Tox measurements on an industrial site.

Employees who work in the petrochemical industry must take this exam at an approved centre.

Admission requirements

Students must be

  • At least 18 years of age;
  • Preferably, have a basic knowledge of hazardous substances.


The objective of this training is to teach effective and safe methods of measuring the concentrations of hazardous substances, explosion dangers and oxygen levels, and to interpret and report on the results. This includes such subjects as:

  • Basic knowledge of substances that are hazardous to health;
  • Basic knowledge of fire and explosion;
  • Basic knowledge of oxygen deficiency and the effects of excessive or deficient oxygen concentration;
  • How to carry out EX-OX-TOX measurements;
  • The correct use and operation of measuring equipment and tools;
  • The interpretation of measurements and drawing conclusions from the measurements;
  • Drawing up reports about measurements.


Training takes 2 days to complete. The theoretical exam lasts 30 minutes (maximum 60 minutes) and the practical exam lasts 45 minutes.

Validity period of diploma

The diploma is valid for 10 years.
Note. Every 5 years, the company is responsible for the evaluation of the employees (by an internal or external body) in order to determine whether they still meet the requirements. The company is responsible for this. The VCA/SCC auditors will definitely screen this during an audit.

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