IS-007 Safety guard confined space

Target group

The course is intended for employees

  • who work as watchmen and are responsible for the safety oversight of workers who enter a confined space and perform work
  • are responsible for the execution of the primary intervention measure in case of emergency

Employees who work in the petrochemical industry must take this exam at an approved centre.

Admission requirements

  • Be at least 18 years of age;
  • Possess a certificate of medical fitness;
  • Be in possession of a valid certificate/diploma: Working with self-contained respiratory protection equipment IS-008 or IS-081.


The objective of this training programme is the acquisition of the necessary knowledge and skills appropriate to fulfil the role of safety watchman when entering and working in confined spaces. This includes such subjects as:

  • Application of licensing systems and entry procedures;
  • Working correctly with fall protection;
  • Communication with those entering the area;
  • Knowledge of the potential risks and hazards associated with confined spaces;
  • Knowledge of the appropriate safety measures when working in confined spaces;
  • The interpretation of measurements;
  • The correct response and intervention in the event of emergencies;
  • The application of primary intervention techniques.


The training takes 2 days to complete. The theoretical exam lasts 20 minutes (maximum 30 minutes) and the practical exam lasts 40 minutes.

Validity period of diploma

The diploma is valid for 3 years.

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