Fire and safety guards

Would you like to make use of an SMC safety assistant? If you do, you are guaranteed to have a fully qualified expert in your working area. All our experienced staff have at the least a fire and safety watchman certificate. This makes them easily and flexibly deployable at all times.

What can you expect from an SMC fire and safety guards?

  • Before work starts, he will take care of the identification and assessment of risks (RIE) in consultation with the client
  • He shall ensure strict compliance with the safety procedures established on site in order to prevent damage caused to people, equipment, environment, products and/or organisation by explosions or fire.
  • He watches over work activities constituting a fire hazard in confined spaces
  • He provides continuous advice on the presence of suitable escape routes and deployable intervention equipment
  • He carries out preventive checks in order to provide an opinion about staff welfare
  • He manages the availability and conformity of the necessary permits
  • He monitors the correct use of personal protective equipment (PPE) in accordance with the permits system
  • He actively monitors the LEL values and O2 values during work activities
  • He coaches and stimulates the workers to work in the safest way possible
  • In the event of imminent danger, he can stop the work activities immediately; should a fire be detected, he can initiate fire fighting activities after sounding the alarm


  • Basic VCA safety training
  • Fire and safety guard in confined spaces training in accordance with IS-007
  • Working with self-contained respiratory protection equipment training and IS-081
  • Fire watchman training in accordance with AV 011


  • A2 thinking level
  • Technical background/affinity
  • Good communication skills
  • Dutch language

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