Fall protection

Working at height or at depth? This requires specific precautions. The first action is to ensure it is possible to use collective fall protection. Is this option not possible? Then provide personal fall protection.

Choose the best fall protection system depending on the work situation, the nature of the work and the risk of falls. If you don't know where to start, or you have any doubts. Feel free to contact us. Our experts will be happy to advise you.

EN 341 Descender devices for rescue
EN 353-1 Guided-type fall arresters including a rigid anchor line
EN 353-2 Guided-type fall arresters including a flexible anchor line
EN 354 Lanyards
EN 355 Energy absorbers
EN 358 Work positioning systems
EN 360 Retractable-type fall arrester
EN 361 Full body harnesses
EN 362 Connectors
EN 363 Fall arrest systems
EN 365 General requirements for instructions for use, maintenance, periodic examination, repair, marking and packaging
EN 795 Anchor devices
EN 813 Sit harnesses and accessories
EN 1496 Rescue lifting devices
EN 1497 Rescue harnesses
EN 1498 Rescue loops
EN 1891 Low-stretch kernmantle ropes
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Accessing silos
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Maintenance of wind mills
Erecting of GSM masts
Window washing
Cleaning of installations
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