Emergency showers and eye wash

No doubt you have provided your company with all sorts of preventive measures and made optimal protective equipment available. However, the risk that your employees fall victim to ejected particles or aggressive fluids remains a distinct possibility. An appropriate and swift response is required in this instance.

We have a wide range of eyewash fountains and eyewash bottles for rinsing the eyes or taking an emergency shower. These ensure the eyes, face or body can be thoroughly and entirely washed or rinsed using plenty of clean water. In addition, the treatment is soft and hygienic.

An eyewash fountain or emergency shower is preferably connected to the main water supply. For temporary and mobile work sites, the use of movable pressure tanks or eye wash bottles is an option, these can be filled with a custom liquid if required.

EN 15154 Emergency showers and eyewash
Chemical burns
Heat stress
Thermal burns